Alcohol Tax Reform

DSICA supports volumetric taxation of all forms of alcohol on the basis that 'all alcohol is alcohol'. 

The current tax system places an entirely unfair burden on consumers of distilled spirits, while other products are taxed at a far lower rate. In fact, RTD and spirit drinkers pay thirteen times the tax of cask wine drinkers for every standard drink.



DSICA made two submissions to the review of taxation conducted by the Treasury Secretary Dr Ken Henry into Australia's Future Tax System, otherwise known as the Henry Tax Review.

DSICA supports the alcohol tax recommendations of the Henry Tax Review as the best and fairest basis for alcohol taxes.

More information on DSICA's tax reforms can be found in our annual Pre-Budget Submissions to Treasury.

DSICA also made a submission to the Tax Forum held on 4-5 October 2011

The content of alcohol advertisements and their placement in Australia is tightly regulated under the ABAC scheme.

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