The Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia Inc (DSICA) is the peak body representing the interests of distilled spirit manufacturers and importers in Australia, and was formed in 1982.

DSICA’s goals are:

  • to create an informed political and social environment that recognises the benefits of moderate alcohol intake and to provide opportunities for balanced community discussion on alcohol issues; and
  • to ensure public alcohol policies are soundly and objectively formed, that they include alcohol industry input, that they are based on the latest national and international scientific research and that they do not unfairly disadvantage the spirits sector.


DSICA members are committed to:

  • responsible marketing and promotion of distilled spirits;
  • supporting social programs aimed at reducing the harm associated with the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol;
  • supporting the current quasi-regulatory regime for alcohol advertising; and
  • making a significant contribution to Australian industry through primary production, manufacturing, distribution and sales activities.


All DSICA members abide by the DSICA Statement of Responsible Practice for Advertising and Marketing and the industry's Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code 

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