Alcopops Tax Hike

On 26 April 2008, the Rudd Government announced an overnight 70% increase in the alcohol tax (or excise) on pre-mixed drinks, also known as Ready-To-Drink products or RTDs. 

DSICA mounted a determined campaign opposing the 70% increase because the tax hike was unfair to RTD drinkers of all ages, and it was very unlikely to deter underage drinking.    

Reaserch has shown that the RTD tax increase has failed to do what the Rudd Govenment claimed it would do - deter underage drinking. 

Reliable government-run surveys show that underage drinkers did not change what type of alcohol product they drank.

Despite the claims of alcohol advocates and the National Alcohol Action Alliance, there is no evidence that the tax increase detered or slowed underage drinking. 

The full story and the evidence is in the PDF below.  The media releases from the RTD campaign are located in the News & Opinion section.

The content of alcohol advertisements and their placement in Australia is tightly regulated under the ABAC scheme.

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